Lead Magnets

Customer demands for Photo Estimates have exploded recently. The challenge for shops is whoever can assess the damage and advise the customer better... wins! Our patented technology is the only one that guides the customer on how to take high resolution images and VIDEO so you can advise the customer better and win the job.

You can install this simple tool onto a service advisor's phone or device. Within 60 seconds they can start referring work. You will get Video and Photos of the damage. The automated tracking system will give you simple reporting showing every service advisor, the dealership info and how many jobs they referred. This makes incentivizing them easy.

As deductibles go up, so does call volume to agents from vehicle owners asking if they should file a claim. This simple portal enables the Agent to refer clients to you in seconds. This will allow you to be the first to advise the customer on damage and capture the repair.

36% of customers want to do business with you outside of normal business hours. The estimate scheduling tool can work off your website or phone system to make it easy for a customer to choose a convenient time to get an estimate.

Most major OEMs are using bodyshop booster to help customers find your shop. Right from the OEM website your customer will be able to start a Damage Assessment with you.

Insurance companies are monitoring your Assignment received to first contact times. AI from booster will assist by automatically contacting new assignments via ringless voicemail, text and email to start the damage assessment process. This can be done within minutes of getting a new assignment.

Omni Communication

A powerful texting platform that can work from your landline number or a local area code number. Templates and digital assets that save your staff time.

From this system you can send a voicemail to a customer's cell phone without it ringing. This is ideal for updates and reminders. This can also be automated.

Emailing has never been easier, you can utilize stored templates and digital tools to quickly communicate with your customer.

Like Siri or Alexas little cousin our AI assistant can sit on your phone system to work with customers after hours or when your staff is busy. She can help customers get a photo estimate or schedule a estimate apt at the shop, help with towing arrangements and take voicemails that come right into the bodyshop booster system.

Virtual Sales System

You can now deliver your estimate to customers via text and email. This sales tool has your branding and personalized video to walk the customer through the estimate while influencing them to choose your shop.

Now customers can choose their own repair time and date based on your ideal work flow for the shop. They can even select if they need a rental car. Our system will then book the rental for them with no staff involvement.

Customers hate to be sold, but love to buy. This feature helps them self serve to buy your additional services.

When a customer is booking their repair you can have them sign all the authorizations right from their device.

This feature will automatically follow up with unsold estimates. It will send ringless voicemails, emails and Text messages to the customer which will greatly increase your capture rate.

Post Repair Marketing

Automate the collection of GOOD reviews. This system will alert you of possible bad reviews before they are posted online.WATCH VIDEO

Collecting feedback from each customer is easy via text or emails that can be automatically sent out after the vehicle has been delivered.

It is proven that value based marketing after the repair will increase your repeat and referral work exponentially. Automate a thank you ringless voicemail from the owner, text a 1 month follow up letting them know that they can now put polish on the fresh paint or send a 1 year anniversary email. Many shops set up 5 year automated marketing campaigns that run automatically.